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Perfect By Nature

... icons of self-indulgence~

7 April 1988
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1. Credit Always: Crediting is a must. Really, it’s just common courtesy. It takes less time then it does to actually upload the picture. If you’re not sure how to credit, it is explained here.
If you don’t credit I will eat your dog.

2. Commenting: There’s no need to comment, but it’s always appreciated, especially if you are taking any icons. Commenting Is Love. Constructive criticism is just as welcome, if not more so.

3. No Editing: Do not edit/modify/add text to any icons. If you’d really like to, ask me first. I’m easy to talk to.

4. No Spamming: Try it and I’ll eat your fingers. Don’t think I will? Willing to bet your fingers on it?

5. Friending: You don’t need to ask me first. Hell, people don’t ask me when they friend me on my other journal, so why should this be any different? No, I’m not one of these psycho people who will hunt you down and berate you if you don’t ask me first. I’m an easy going person. I don’t bite... hard.

¤ INFO ¤

My name is Rhiannon. I'm 19, live in Australia, studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University, live with my mother and sister. I have a dog (Cobber) and two cats (Tiger and Baby) whom I love to death and a whole menagerie of other animals, blahdy blah. I started icon making through boredom, basically. As of right now, I'm very much a beginner. I use a program none of you have probably heard of before called Serif Photo Plus 6.0 - a cheese and crackers program I can’t wait to be rid of. We all know Adobe Photoshop is the way to go.
I started this journal so I could have a public place to display my icons. My Photobucket album is kept private so LJ seemed a great option. It's also a way for me to look at my progression. I'm very much looking forward to the day I can look back on these first icons and laugh at how amateur they are.

So, that covers the basics. Something else you want to know? Just ask.


Credit for my brushes, textures, et cetera can be found in my resource post
here. As far as pictures for my icons go I’m a Yahoo/Google Image Search whore, but anyone who makes icons/banners and tried these will know how limited these are. Therefore, I often make trips to fan sites and the like. Sources will be listed in the post with the corresponding icons.

¤ TAGS ¤

Very simple: right here.
As new tags are created they will be added to that post.

I believe that covers it all.